How BrightHR helps you

BrightHR saves you from endless piles of paperwork and scruffy spreadsheets. Its easy-to-use features let you:

Track your team’s attendance on the go

Whether you’re in work or on the other side of the world, you can sign off holiday requests in seconds and easily log sickness or lateness.

Make shifts and rotas in no time

You can create a rota (or several at once) and share it with your staff in an instant—now they’ve no excuse not to turn up.

Store unlimited HR documents

Get rid of your dusty filing cabinets and use BrightHR’s secure cloud-based software to store all your confidential documents—yes, that’s right, all of them.

Here's how it works

Always know who’s in and who’s off

Need to know who’s in work today, even if you’re not actually in yourself? Just reach for the laptop or fire up the free BrightHR app and instantly see who’s off sick, who’s running late, and whether your staff holiday planner’s up to date.

Shifts & rotas

If you’re losing hours every week to making rotas, you’re doing it all wrong. You don’t need piles of paper rotas littering the place (or mysteriously ‘going missing’).

HR document storage

Keep your full set of staff records safe in your personal, cloud-based storage space. You can add as many documents as you like, making it the perfect HR software for SMEs.

SMEs just like yours


worldwide users


Holiday requests submitted


Rota's created

BrightHR makes managing holidays and sickness simpler and faster.

Mark Smith, small business owner