Managing staff leave can be a difficult process for businesses. It’s time-consuming and if you make an error, employees may have clashing annual leave that leaves you short staffed.

So it’s a great idea to take advantage of modern technology to keep your schedule in good working order.

If you want to cut to the chase, you can check out our staff holiday planner and its many benefits for your business.

But read on for the rest of our guide and a detailed look at why you should take advantage of this technology.

What’s a holiday request app?

It’s a piece of software that allows your business to manage staff holiday leave.

You can align your employee leave with your company’s policies and provide staff with a way to monitor their time off.

One of the major benefits of this software is you don’t have to rely on paper forms or spreadsheets. You can manage everything from one accessible database, cutting down on errors such as holiday clashes.

Employee holiday app features

The reason these apps are so effective is the range of options they provide you. These include:

  • Staff can request a holiday. You sign it off in a matter of seconds, wherever you are in the world or they are in your business. You could be on the other side of the world and you can still clear their requests.
  • Access your holiday records 24/7 to see who is and isn’t off.
  • Download the free Android or iOS app for instant holiday notification requests. You can approve or decline this as and when you need to.
  • Remove the need for paper or spreadsheets—manage all of your data in one app.
  • Automate staff holiday entitlement calculations.

A staff holiday planner app can help to eliminate the possibility of too many employees taking time off simultaneously.

It’s an all too common scenario for small and medium sized businesses. At the last moment, you can realise you’re short on staff—too many people are off on annual leave.

With the right software in place, you can stop this from happening. The app will:

  • Flag up any holiday clashes immediately to ensure smooth running across your business.
  • Track your employees’ holiday days to plan ahead for any busy spells.
  • Visit your calendar to keep track of your workforce or team to track planned absences over the course of any working year.

And the major benefits of all of this? You save a lot of time, your business runs smoothly, and productivity increases.

Your staff will also appreciate the software as it helps them to keep track of their remaining annual leave.

This means they’ll always be in the know, so they can plan ahead to make sure they have an excellent work-life balance.

Try out our holiday tracker app

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