As a business, you can take advantage of software that automates various processes. One popular example is with a staff scheduling app.

It can provide many benefits, such as streamlining your workforce’s activities all while ensuring there aren’t shift clashes. These can be costly to your business as they reduce productivity.

So, how can you go about ensuring your processes are as streamlined as possible?

We explain the features in our guide and how you can use the technology for greater productivity.

What’s an employee scheduling app?

The software lets you create and keep track of your workforce. It also allows you to monitor the various duties each member of staff has.

Getting overwhelmed in your employee scheduling was, for a long time, one of the downsides of business life. But modern software makes the process much more accessible.

Now you can think of a team scheduling app as a way to bin your paperwork and remove the need for spreadsheets. Our online employee scheduling app allows your business to:

  • Create a single schedule—or more—in an easy to use format.
  • Use unlimited cloud storage to save as many as you need to.
  • Share the results with you employees using our free app.

As with all the best employee scheduling apps, these features ensure you can always be confident your staff know where they need to be—and when.

The benefits of a workforce scheduling app

For managers and HR personnel, the software provides an opportunity to avoid shift conflicts. It, essentially, strips away the difficulty in managing a complex shift pattern.

On top of that, you can expect the following advantages from a scheduling app for small businesses.

  • Collaborative scheduling: Your workforce can set their availability and even arrange shift swaps with their colleagues. You can easily monitor this, of course, but it frees up extra time to put into other duties.
  • Save on labour hours: You can carry schedules over from other weeks or months. You can also alter them as you need to, which speeds up the efficiency of your operation.
  • Gain great stats: It’s sophisticated technology, so you can collaborate it with your other HR and business data. This can reveal important information about your employees, such as absenteeism or presenteeism.
  • Keep track of shifts: You can ensure you don’t overpay staff members for any extra time they do on their shifts. An employee shift scheduling app keeps track of it all.
  • Remote access: Wherever you or your workforce is in the world, you can easily access a rota and see what’s required on any given day.

The best team scheduling apps also come with a free demo so you see if it’s the right fit for your business.

Running on Android and iOS, the free download provides access to a schedule you can adapt for your department.

The software is flexible and provides instant notifications, customisation features, and you arrange it to work around your daily requirements.

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