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December - 2019

How to get your team in the festive spirit (without the chaos of a Christmas party)

A party may be tradition, but there could be better ways to bring your team together this Christmas…

November - 2019

Q&A: Can I make an employee work over Christmas if I’m short-staffed?

In the third blog in our employment law series, we look at whether you can make your staff work over Christmas—even if you’ve promised them time off…

A very special announcement

Andy Reid’s story is one of astounding courage, and BrightHR is extremely proud to announce him as our new ambassador.

Crack open the champers! It’s awards season at BrightHR

BrightHR’s been recognised by three of the industry’s top awards. So don your finest tux and sip some champagne, because it’s time to celebrate.

Flexible working: Is it the reason your office is empty on a Friday?

Flexi-time is where it’s at in 2019, but do early finishes mean losing that Friday feeling at work?

Stress Awareness Week: Why you need to step away from your screen

Being sensible with our screen time can make us less stressed and more productive. Let’s look at how it’s done.

Should I let my staff carry over holidays into next year?

Here’s everything you need to know if your employees still have annual leave to take before the end of the year.

World Vegan Day 2019: Why it matters in your workplace

It’s official—veganism has hit the mainstream. We explore what this means for employment law and your workplace in 2019.

October - 2019

Get with the times: Paperless HR is the future

‘What is this newfangled HR software, you say?’ It’s the easy, efficient and affordable way to bring your HR management bang up to date. It’s HR, the Bright way.

World Menopause Day 2019: How to support women in the workplace

We explore how menopause affects women in the workplace and what you can do to help shake the stigma.