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July - 2020

COVID-19 Q&A: My employee’s booked a holiday to Spain, what can I do?

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COVID-19: 5 legal updates you need to know

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June - 2020

Hey Siri, who’s off today?

Introducing a new way of interacting with BrightHR.

What to do if an employee refuses to return to work post-lockdown

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Reopen your business safely with BrightSafe

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New furlough measures announced—here’s what’s changing and when

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May - 2020

Return to work: Why it’s important to stagger shift times

To get back to work as safely as possible, you might consider alternating start times for your staff. Here’s why.

How BrightHR helps you get your business back to work

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Coronavirus: Back to work factsheet

Find out how to get your staff back to work safely after the coronavirus lockdown.

April - 2020

Coronavirus Q&A: Can my employees claim expenses while working from home?

In this latest edition of Q&A the Bright way, we clear up any confusion around homeworkers and expense claims.