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Should you prioritise parents when approving summer holiday requests?

Handling parent holiday requests over summer can be tricky. Here’s how to divvy out staff leave fairly.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021


Q&A: Many of my staff are parents. What happens if their child is told to self-isolate?

If your staff have school-aged children, this latest Q&A the Bright Way is a must-read…

Friday, Apr 30, 2021

Working life

How to keep staff safe while working from home

Whether they’re in the office or working from home, employers need to manage health & safety for all their staff. Read on to learn how to get it right in your business…

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021

Healthy minds

Mental health and the pandemic: it’s time to talk

Saturday 10th October is World Mental Health Day 2020. Let’s look at how we can all support each other more as we continue to face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021

Management talk

Supporting staff back into the workplace

New health & safety measures make your business COVID-secure, but the changes can be intimidating for staff. Let’s look at ways to ease the transition from home to the workplace.

Thursday, Apr 29, 2021


COVID-19 rapid testing in the workplace: everything employers need to know

It’s great news that the government is giving employers this extra layer of protection, but if you’re testing your people in the workplace, you need to register your business before 12th April and follow the right legal processes. Here’s how…

Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

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