Doodle, Moodle or just a scribble?

What do your scribbles say about you?

Simon Dalley: BrightHR Brand Marketing Manager

The urge to doodle often becomes stronger as stress levels rise and the end result can reveal a great deal about us.

The Collins Dictionary defines Doodling as “to scribble or draw aimlessly” and “to play or improvise idly”

The play element is key for BrightHR as we introduced moodles into our brand as a way to personalise your experience when using our HR software. Simon Dalley, Brand Marketing Manager, tells us more about the history of the moodle.

We even made a video about Moodles to let you know what they are all about:

What our doodles say about us

When we doodle we are usually only half-conscious of what we are drawing. This means that things that may be concerning us, that we work hard to hide from others, can be revealed in our doodles without us even realising.

So, now we’ve got your attention, and those scribbles are potentially no longer meaningless drawings, what do yours say about you? Ruth Rostron gives her interpretation of doodle meanings, and we’ve pulled some of the most popular ones in the BrightHR office out for closer inspection.


Prone to mood swings? This is probably your doodle of choice. The black and white chequerboard suggests great patience and also great persistence.


Flower doodles can represent a range of people — all dependant on the petal shape. Soft, rounded petals indicate a family orientated person. Prefer your petals pointy? Then you’re likely to be prickly and defensive but have a warm heart.

Stick Figures

Highly successful people favour the stickman doodle. A simple stick man reveals someone focussed on their life goals and in control of their emotions.


Either you have recently watched The Revenant (there are a lot of arrows in that!) or you are subconsciously aiming at your target.


You old romantic you! Drawing hearts indicates you’re in love with love


Often drawn by the ambitious. A cluster of starts is a sign of optimism, one big star shows that there is a goal in your sights.

Don’t doodle?

Are you secretive, paranoid or pragmatic? Don’t have anything to hand to doodle with? Or simply don’t want to tell us what you doodle?

So, do you recognise any of the doodles and associated traits detailed above?

If you want to learn even more about doodle meanings check out this article for some great insights into what colours, styles and strokes you use say about you.

Happy doodling!