Future of Work

December - 2016

Human versus machine? - The Quantum Energy of Human Beings

Perry Timms gives three crucial tips for employers to consider when thinking about the energy and performance of their employees.

Getting your business ready for the new age

When it comes to the workplace, are you more 1918 than 2018?

October - 2016

The future of the workplace commute

There was a car stuck on the tram lines! My train was late!

September - 2016

The Future of Jobs is Bright

BrightHR discusses technology.

June - 2016

The Cloud and why its safe for your company data

If you're discussing how to store your company data securely, it's likely that you will have talked about storing it in the Cloud. Buzz-word of the moment, the Cloud is one of the hottest topics in tech with more and more of us using it.

March - 2016

Introducing your future workforce - Generation Y and Z

Generation Y and Z

February - 2016

The automation of workforce planning: 2026

Technology in the 21st century is proving to be fascinating and unpredictable.

November - 2015

The Future of Customer Service

A tale of polar opposites

The Future of HR: By an Ordinary Present Day Time Traveller

BrightHR Content Marketing Manager, Sue Bennett, visits the future, and comes back again, sparks flying. Hold onto your HR hats!

A Birds-Eye View on CIPD 2015: The future of HR Really is Bright

Shaun Gagie gives his thoughts on BrightHR's innovative, user-friendly HR software