Are taking holidays important?

Thomas Cook asked us to comment on the importance of taking a holiday and here’s what we had to say.

BrightHR Team

We’re all entitled to a break. In fact, working five days a week entitles you to 28 days’ paid annual leave each year (this includes bank holidays) under UK law.

But research from Glassdoor shows that as little as 30% of staff are taking their full holiday allowance each year.

Sounds good, right? Well, not exactly. We explain why it’s important for your staff to take time off—both for their benefit and yours.

Why aren’t your staff taking their holidays?

Under Working Time Regulations, it’s your responsibility to make sure your staff don’t become unwell because they’re not taking their annual leave.

That’s why it’s important for you to think about why your employees might be reluctant to take time off. It’s possible that they:   

  • Feel like they have too much work to do.
  • Think the team won’t be able to cope without them.
  • Believe that you see taking holidays as a bad thing.
  • Feel a sense of pride in not taking their full holiday entitlement.

You have the right to refuse an employee’s holiday request. But you should have a good enough reason and be able to explain this to your employee.

If you do refuse a request, you should help your employee find an alternative date to book off. This will help make sure your staff are using the leave they’re entitled to.

What’s in it for me? 

It’s simple really. Do you want overworked employees who burn out? Or happy, well-rested and productive employees?

By encouraging your staff to take time off, you’re helping them to press reset and clear their minds. It’s likely that after a rest, they’ll return to work with new ideas or the answer to a problem.  

Not only that, but employees that take regular breaks are less likely to take a lot of sick leave or want to quit their jobs. This saves you money and time trying to replace members of your team. 

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How BrightHR will help you

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