Looking to sort your staff sickness struggles?

We invited absence experts Professor Stephen Bevan and Alison Driver to discuss the problems with employee sickness, and what small businesses can do to manage it properly.

BrightHR Team

Staff sickness isn’t just about your employees taking the odd day off to recover from a cold. The reasons behind any absence can be complex and varied, and for a small business the effects aren’t just monetary. There’s the increased workload for other staff members, the impact on managers who need to manage such situations, and the potential negative effect on your customers.

To help advise on how to manage staff sickness, we brought together two experts in the field for a live webinar, entitled ‘Sorting your staff sickness struggles’. They were Professor Stephen Bevan, Head of HR Research Development at the Institute for Employment Studies, and Alison Driver, Chartered Fellow of CIPD and Managing Director of Metis HR.

In the webinar we discussed the importance of monitoring and recording absence, the policies you can put in place to manage absence and how businesses can use ‘good work’ initiatives to reduce or even prevent staff sickness.  

‘Good working practices can help manage absence and there are psychological benefits'
Stephen Bevan
‘Recording absence is critical - unless you record it how do you know if there is a problem'
Alison Driver

Watch a recording of the full webinar here

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