The Secret Santa Tradition is Alive and Well

The secret Santa tradition is a well-established office favourite, and helps to mark the start of the office festivities just as much as Bob from Accounts having one to many sherries at the Christmas parties.

Sheryl Thompson: BrightHR Head of Brand

If you are a secret Santa in need of inspiration this year, check out our ideas for under £10!

What to get…

…the office hipster

He’s always one step ahead of the trend and sometimes you’re not sure if his hair has been styled that way for hours or they forgot to look in the mirror on their way out of the door. But what to get this trendy dude?

  • Every hipster worth his salt will be sporting a beard, so why not help him make it festive with some Beard Christmas Baubles (, £8.99)
  • Help him stand out from the crowd at the Christmas Markets with a festive jumper hipflask (, £9.99)
  • Take him back to the 80’s but without having to forfeit his phone with a 80’s retro iPhone case (, £8.99)

…the office foodie

She’s the one you go to for advice on the latest restaurant, guaranteed to take part in the office bake off and a cocktail connoisseur. But what to get this gourmet girl?

  • Festive, edible and fun these chocolate brussel sprouts will go down a treat (, £9.99)
  • Whether she’s a sex on the beach or a dark and stormy kinda girl, a cocktail flavoured lip balm will be a welcomed surprise from Santa (, £3.25)
  • Help her win the works Christmas Bake Off for the 4th year running with a shortbread snow globe kit (, £6.97)

…the office prankster

He’s the guy who likes to get a laugh and entertain you all — you’re not sure you forgive him yet for covering your desk in post it notes! But what to get this daring devil?

  • Go on and dare him with a scorpion bug lolly pop (amazon, £3.49)
  • Keep him in a state of suspense by gifting him a balloon Russian roulette (although you may regret it the 15th time it pops and you spill your coffee) (, £6.99)
  • Mugs are a rarity in the office so get him his own, prankster style with a novelty mug (ebay, £6.39)

I hope this helps you out of a pickle! If you need any more suggestions please tweet @BrightHR_Uk #SecretSantaHelp

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