6 ways to handle a heatwave in the workplace

Find out how to tackle the sweltering temperatures in your workplace

BrightHR Team

There’s a mini heatwave that’s sweeping the UK. And like many people, your staff are probably trying to soak up every last ray of sunshine before the clouds come back. They might take alfresco lunch breaks or ask to get off work a little earlier. But how do you let your staff enjoy the sunshine and still keep your business ticking along?


We explain 6 ways to handle a heatwave in the workplace. 

  1. Keep your workplace cool  

The temperature in your workplace should reflect the weather outside. While this mini heatwave lasts, put your air conditioning on or open a few windows.

If your staff still complain that it’s too stuffy, hand out some portable desk fans to help keep them cool.


  1. Relax your dress code

You don’t want your staff to overheat in a full uniform or business suit. That’s why it’s worth relaxing your dress code while the weather’s scorching.  

Instead, tell your staff to leave their jackets at home or let them remove their ties. 


  1. Take your meetings outside

Got a team meeting booked in? Simply pack up your notebooks and head outside. Sit on the grass and discuss your ideas while soaking up some vitamin D.

The change of scenery could spark new ideas and boost team morale. 


  1. Give out summer snacks

Show your staff that you appreciate their hard work by handing out some summer treats. You could give out ice lollies, cold drinks or fresh fruit to help refresh your staff while they work.


  1. Let your staff finish early

Give your staff an incentive to hit their targets and let them leave early if they do. You’ll be happy knowing that your staff are working hard and they’ll get to spend a few more hours enjoying the sunshine—it’s a no-brainer.


  1. Approve staff holidays in seconds

You shouldn’t be surprised if your staff want to book annual leave at the last minute. But it can be a pain to figure out who’s already off and whether you have enough staff on a certain shift.

You don’t have to worry about managing annual leave with BrightHR. The HR software flags any holiday clashes and you can accept or decline a holiday request using the free app—wherever you are.


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