How your business can celebrate 2015 and add value with Love

It is time to look back and take stock of the year, your accomplishments, and the journey yet to come!

Here at BrightHR we have built a culture based around reward, and for good reason; recognising the value in your people adds value to the performance of your business - and gives substance to your brand.

Our internal values are fivefold and they include: Fun, Simplicity, Courage, Zest and Love. In stark contrast to our competitors we dim the focus on numbers and targets and instead align people to their sense of passion. It is quite simple: happy people that enjoy what they do, do a good job. This forms the basis of how we allocate reward and celebrate.

Living by values creates meaning. Hitting targets serves a purpose. Both have a place, but here at BrightHR we want to create lasting relationships with our employees; when it comes to retention carrot-dangling alone just won’t do without some Love.

Set your values

What does your brand stand for internally? Internal values and external messages serve different purposes. While one might influence the other it is crucial to make the spirit of your internal culture clear. This will be attractive to those that already live similar values, and it is essential to developing your desired culture. Our very own Susie Wong (amongst many others) has been rewarded for brand Zest as she has embraced our TFI Friday events and encouraged participation.

Pick 5 guiding principles.

Setting your values will enable you and your team to understand the basis of success and reward. Once they have been chosen put them in your brand and employee handbook — celebrate them as much as you do your people and they will become everyone’s inner compass for success!

Celebrate publicly

People like to be rewarded, and to be seen as successful. The feel-good factor that reward provides is another way to add meaning to the work your employees are producing, and to encourage them to repeat success. Here at BrightHR success is acknowledged in a number of different ways. The executive team leave large coloured post-it notes to let employees know that their good work has been recognised. This in turn is seen by the surrounding team, and generates a sense of ‘positive competition’ i.e. celebrated qualities become desirable and mimicked by those seeking similar success. What personal values give strength to your business? Consider the qualities that you request in your job adverts - these are the things to celebrate within your business first.

Decide how you want to let everyone know just how Brilliant your employees are.

Keep it simple, affordable and easy to implement. Make sure you keep a record so that you can include it in any future internal or external comms (as we have here)! It could be as easy as our post-its, or as elaborate as an awards ceremony. Our Brilliance Awards for employees at the BrightHR launch were very well received and internally voted for. We affectionately acknowledged people for possessing qualities such as ‘Innovative’, ‘Motivating’, ‘Chilled Out’, and not least ‘Nerf Gun Warrior’ as Play is a big part of who we are.

Encourage celebration at all levels

Encouraging staff to acknowledge when a peer has enhanced their workday experience is the key to keeping your brand values alive and instilled with these principles. It is also a good way to create a naturally collaborative environment. We use tools such as Yammer, and even a postbox in a little wooden house that enables BrightHR employees to deliver anonymous ‘big-ups’ to their peers. This all works to support our mutual appreciation society. A strong support system has longevity on a number of levels – this includes employee experience, a commitment to strategy and a motivation to solving problems. Simon Felix from our Development team recently acknowledged Tom Emmerson: ‘For being positive always #respect #commitment #zest’.

Choose Your Weapon

Which tools will enable your internal comms, and relationships to thrive? Tech solutions and online communities give your business and its internal relationships transparency. Anything that helps your staff to communicate more effectively – no matter who they are – is a bonus. A good example is a more introverted member of staff and Yammer. With this free social media site for business, they don’t have to stand in front of a large group of people to make an announcement, or to acknowledge a co-worker; they can, however, begin to create a presence, and let their team-mates know how much they are appreciated; the trait of introversion and independence may be key to their role, and not a part of their personal development – this is an excellent way to culturally integrate them and potentially offset any miscommunication or conflict within your team.