Play and Professionalism

At BrightHR we believe that having fun at work helps our team to boost productivity and create innovative products; in short, it helps them Think Brilliant.

Simon Dalley: BrightHR Brand Marketing Manager

More companies in the UK are waking up to the notion that the workplaces should be fun however how can HR make sure that people within a company are enjoying being at work, truly engaged but still professional?

We’ve teamed up with the guys at Personnel Today to create a webinar especially geared up to think about this topic. We’ll be specifically looking at the results from our report creating in conjunction with business psychologist Professor Sir Cary Cooper, as well as discussing of the startling results from our most recent survey.

Whilst being hosted by Personnel Today’s Editor Rob Moss, we’ll be very lucky to be joined by Rob Briner, Professor of Organisational Psychology at the University of Bath and Scientific Director at the Center for Evidence-Based Management. Professor Briner is regarded as one of the most influential thinkers in the HR industry and he will share his views on the evidence surround workplace fun and the way in which research contributes to trends in the HR industry.

Our Co-Founder & CMO Paul Harris will be on hand from BrightHR to go through the results of both of the surveys we’ve conducted, bringing to life the story of how we’ve worked to create a fun culture at BrightHR, where spontaneous play is encouraged and rewarded.

Register now to learn:

  • how younger generations are influencing the modern workplace;
  • about changing perceptions of professionalism;
  • what is “fun” and how it can be encouraged;
  • how moods and emotions affect behaviour; and
  • about potential downsides of fun in the workplace — where are the boundaries?

Whilst we are firm advocates of collaborative spaces and have an office with a 50ft astroturfed garden at its heart, we understand not everyone shares our view so we want to understand how different industry sectors and demographic groups perceive fun working environments. We also want to have discussion about the role of non-organised fun people have in the workplace.

Through this webinar we will share some results from the surveys we’ve carried out and demonstrate how we’ve implemented many of the findings, providing some information to help you do the same.

The webinar, which will take place on Monday 22 February 2016, 11:30am GMT, will last for 60 minutes and will be followed by a Q&A section with the speakers and webinar host. To take part in the webinar register now.