The real pay-offs of professional play and how to cash in

We support Brilliant workplace cultures, and our strategy is simple: give employers and people managers the digital tools they need to streamline their HR processes

Then provide the world-leading knowledge on culture that business leaders need to create a positive change within their workplace environments. Our It Pays to Play report has done just that. We value simplicity - here are the pay-offs of Play highlights and how you can use them with our technology for free right now.

How can implementing technology lead to Brilliant workplace cultures, and relationships, amongst your employees?

As part of a wider people management strategy we use digital tools alongside expert research on the idea that It Pays to Play.  Tools surrounding Play in the workplace are vital to your success, and a happy workforce.  We have found that this magic formula will support the retention, growth and strength of your business and its long-term goals.  

We practice what we preach and this approach has already made a big impact on the staff here at BrightHR; just take a look at the real life experiences of some of our staff bloggers here.  It is no coincidence that a news publication recently declared us to be one of the coolest offices in Manchester.  

Begin to strategize your people management with us now, and enjoy the benefits of happy employees.  The value they add to your output, PR, absence levels and costs can be tracked across all levels of the business.

It Pays to Play — especially when no one is off sick!

Our report found that 62% of employees, that had no sick days in the last three months, had experienced fun at work.  

Play: Our own employees have been enjoying Bake Offs, fancy dress, PlayStation tournaments, an indoor football goal, and Nerf gun fights.  These ideas suit our culture, and help us to let off steam.  Without us even realising it, we also build and strengthen essential neural pathways during Play that inevitably lead to more Bright ideas and eureka moments.  What kind of Play can you incorporate for your workforce?  It is well documented that fun breaks actually support increased productivity.  Invest in what makes your employees happy and you’ll begin to see why downtime is just as important as the bottom line.

Pay Off: Monitor your staff absence levels with our product and App, and in-built reporting.  Integrate more Play, monitor the changes and adjust your strategy for employee engagement with the hard facts.  

Get organised — go Paperless!

How does no more paperwork sound?  When it comes to HR we’ve got it covered.  Holidays, sickness and the rest.  Technology is now so accessible that your own employees can do the tracking for you.  The BrightHR App enables employees to report their absence to you via their smartphone.  Not only is this environmentally sound, it also supports your internal comms.

Play: Employees have the freedom to report absence from any location, this frees up your time and theirs from all of the admin.  Holidays and time away from work are an important aspect of Play.  While it may seem counterintuitive to support business absence for fun; the truth is that when employees are well rested they return from their new adventures with extra energy, ideas and experience to feed back into your business.  Go paperless now!

Pay Off: Your approval is immediate.  You can see a full calendar of those that are both in and absent from work.  Plans can be more quickly integrated and you always have up-to-the-minute information.  Your employees are happy because they are able to plan their own time — and their needs and requests have been recognised and quickly answered.  

Millennials rule — get to know them and protect your business

It Pays to Play is not only a truism; it is also an attitude and a way of life for the professional cohort known as Millennials.  Those born in the early 1980s up until early 2000 are not only in it for the money, they are also in it for the experience — so you need to make it a good one.  Our report found that 79% of this age group believe that fun at work is important, and that it encourages a harder work ethic.  

You’d better believe the hype because these guys are casting the majority vote when it comes to a good atmosphere in your workplace — by 2025 they will make up 75% of the total workforce.  

Play: it might be as simple as getting an office radio, or letting staff listen to their headphones during certain tasks.  It is free to your business to allow staff to dress up or down.  Give them flexi-time and their lives will bend with your business needs and vice versa.  If you can invest more time and love into your Play some employers have office pets, karaoke, games consoles, and even purpose built slides complete with ball pools. While it might initially seem controversial, it sends a strong message and affects the change in behaviour you desire.  A big statement goes a long way.

Pay Off: Loosen the reigns on regimentation and let your employees individualism shine through; if they feel like they’ve found themselves in your office space they are more likely to stick to their contract long-term — and show up for work.  Implement these simple ways to Play, and monitor the improvement via Bright — this will mean you can spot strengths and weaknesses within your approach to culture and find the ways that work best for your team.  The word-of-mouth alone will encourage the top talent through your doors; there are no hiding places for bad employers — social media and websites such as Glassdoor can either make or break you in the digital age.  The traditional PR you can get out of it is worthwhile too — work these sorts of ideas into your marketing strategy, and report your new numbers to the masses you are winning all round!