Managing COVID-19: BrightHR can help

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BrightHR Team

With the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are facing difficult times right now. We wanted to remind you how to get the most out of BrightHR and how it can be used to make things easier for your business.

The following is a breakdown of our services and how our software supports business functions.

BrightHR: Our smart HR software

Log sick leave absences with ease

In response to COVID-19, provincial governments have amended Employment Standards legislation surrounding sick leave. Since the recommended quarantine period for COVID-19 is 14 days, it is important for employers to keep record of all employee coronavirus-related absences. This is where BrightHR can help.

Any employee absences, whether because they are ill or because they need to quarantine after travel, can be logged as “Sickness” or “Other”. Additional information can be logged in the notes section, including symptoms or the reasoning behind their absence, such as precautionary self-isolation.

As an example, employees working from home during self-isolation can have their absence logged as “Other” with a note explaining this status.

All absences can be viewed and downloaded as an Absence Report on BrightHR. This report gives a clear record of the all absences of fixed and variable hour employees, allows you to filter them by absence type and shows all notes made under “Sickness” or “Other” absences.

We are also working on a new feature that will show your employee’s working status when they are working remotely. Stay tuned for more updates on this soon.

Update staff on schedule changes

COVID-19 will likely have affected your workplace and changed how you normally create your employees’ work schedules. With BrightHR it’s easy to keep your employees up to date as the software sends schedule updates for you.

Every time a schedule change is made due to a coronavirus absence, your staff will receive an automatic notification from BrightHR with the update.

Access documents remotely

With a secure cloud-based software like BrightHR employees can easily access important documents at any time. This is especially useful for employees that are working from home.

Additionally, new files can be uploaded as necessary without worrying about storage space. Since BrightHR has unlimited document storage, your employees can have access to all the files they need.

Blip: Convenient clocking in and out app

The COVID-19 pandemic has made remote working a necessary measure for many businesses. To help employers better manage their remote workforce, we have released a new geolocation feature on Blip. This feature allows you to track employee’s work hours and location when they are doing remote work.

The Blip app is available for download for iOS and Android now.

Download Blip timesheet reports  

BrightHR allows you to keep record of your employees’ work hours with Blip’s downloadable timesheet report. To enable this feature, go to Settings, select the BrightLabs tab and click Enable next to the Blip timesheet report.

To get a new report, go to Reports, find the Blip timesheet and click Generate new report. At this point, select a date range and the employees you want to include. To finish, save it as a CSV file.

BrightAdvice: Expert HR advice

To get employment advice on the COVID-19 pandemic call our HR experts today. Our qualified advisors are available 9 to 5, Monday to Friday to answer any of your employment questions, including any coronavirus concerns. We can answer your pressing questions about temporary lay offs, work from home policies and how to manage employee absences due to self-isolation and quarantine. Call us now at 1 888 220 4924.

Not a BrightHR client? To learn more about how our software and services can help you manage your business and employees during the COVID-19 pandemic, call us today: 1 888 220 4924.