Sales Performance Manager

Salary: Up to £40,000 • Location: Manchester

BrightHR has a wealth of data currently in the estate much of which is currently exposed however is not well utilised to design and manage sales campaigns. There is an existing commercial systems team that will use our tooling (SalesForce) to execute campaigns, and an emerging OI/MI/BI capability that can acquire data.


  • Data analysis to determine what the attributes of a campaign should be to optimise sales
  • Data Analysis in order to make recommendations on which campaign to pursue
  • Able to understand data sources, the value of the data in the source and how to acquire the data
  • Experience of sales campaign management and managing an internal team to deliver a campaign
  • identify sources of leads, asses likely return and propose an approach to lead acquisition
  • Sales campaign design based on data analysis
  • Sales campaign management (based on leads)
  • Experience of SalesForce in a commercial sales lead organisation


  • Identify success metrics for campaigns
  • Design the detail of a campaign based on analysis of acquired data
  • Assure that a campaign is commercially viable
  • Review macro environment for campaign opportunities
  • Identify and track the ROI for a campaign
  • Acquire consensus from a broad stakeholder group in which campaigns to pursue
  • Manage the campaign, report progress, results and changes proposed based on the results
  • Communicate on the outcome of campaigns and understand how that should change subsequent campaigns
  • Agree a single version of the truth for the commercial success of the campaign and all lead sources
  • Reconcile campaign against conversion
  • Reconcile campaign performance with OI/MI/BI data
  • Provide adhoc reporting to the Board of Directors.