Sick leave and lateness

Track your team’s attendance in a click

  • Record an absence with ease and instantly spot when someone takes too much sick leave.
  • Use the free iOS or Android app—wherever you are—to arrange cover and update senior staff or managers.
  • Scan sick notes, self-certification forms and hospital letters with your phone into your unlimited storage space.

The simpler way to manage sick leave

You’ve heard them all: “The train was late,” “the traffic’s a joke,” or “I’m sick and think it’s the flu.”

It’s easy to doubt your staff (after all, who’s as committed as you, right?). But let’s face it, your staff will turn up late and they will get sick. Some more often than others.

You have a huge responsibility to keep track of staff sick days, how often people are late, and their reasons why. And you deserve better than struggling along with a pen and paper or a lousy spreadsheet. Now the good news...

BrightHR’s award-winning absence management tool makes it quick and easy. Check in a click to see if you have enough cover and use the app to see if people are free to work that day.

And if absences are becoming a regular thing (seriously, how many times can someone swerve work the day after a big game?), spot it with ease and take action.

Manage lateness and planned absences

Ever had staff who are always late? It’s a pain, isn’t it? So it’s time to use BrightHR to your advantage…

Like absences, it’s easy to record a lateness in your secure, unlimited cloud storage space and be confident you’ll never lose the evidence. You might need it to take disciplinary action one day.

And it’s not just lateness and sick leave you have to think about. Use BrightHR to record all staff absences in a click, including:

  • Doctors appointments
  • Parental leave
  • Shared parental leave
  • Time off for dependants

Get your free demo today to see how it makes sickness and lateness management easy.

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