Time off in lieu (TOIL)

Manage your team’s TOIL with ease

  • Log the extra hours your employees work in a click.
  • Get automatic TOIL calculations and be confident they’re right.
  • Let your staff officially take the time off in lieu they’ve earned.

Always keep on top of your staff’s TOIL

Keeping track of your staff’s time off in lieu can be tough. You can forget to note down their TOIL hours and end up having to believe they worked three hours extra.

But you don’t have to rely on guess work. BrightHR does it for you and does it right.

  • Be confident that your people always know how much TOIL they have to take.
  • View your employees’ remaining TOIL entitlement so you can plan ahead for busy periods.

Check your team’s hours on the go

As much as you trust your staff, you need to know that they’re working the extra hours they say they are.  

With Blip by BrightHR, a free clocking in and out app, you can see when your staff arrive or leave work—even if you’re not in yourself.

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