New customer, Natalie Walton, Office Manager for Smoking Gun PR, tells how the switch to BrightHR has already boosted internal operations and saved her many HR woes.

Working closely with BrightHR as their PR partner we have been able to get a real learning and understanding of how this product works - and we knew it would be right for our offices.

Although we are in the very early stages of working with the BrightHR, we have already seen huge benefits - the main thing being it is paperless! It is fantastic to not have forms and documents littering the desks and we no longer have the risk of holiday forms going missing.

It has been so useful when planning ahead for the previously dreaded summer holiday season, as it has made it easy for myself and our directors to see who is off at the same time, ensuring they can get holiday approved straight away.

The office diary can become so busy and messy, so this is a really simple way of condensing all the information for when we may need it, BrightHR becomes an easily accessible HR folder which is fluid and not a dreaded task which clutters up my personal calendar.

We’ve already seen the huge benefits of using BrightHR.

The main benefit is it’s paperless! It’s fantastic not to have forms and documents littering the desks and we no longer have the risk of holiday forms going missing.

Natalie Walton, Office Manager - Smoking Gun PR
Setting up with BrightHR was simple, and so far the format has provided a fuss free service which is great, there is nothing nicer than a service which can make admin easier and less overwhelming.

We have already found it so helpful for new starters, you can add their start date and it automatically
works out how many holidays they have accrued to date, something as office manager I was having to
work out manually.

In terms of managing the team and ensuring we can be a slick operation, BrightHR not only frees
up my time to work on other (more interesting!) aspects of the business but it also works a wonderful record
for each employee to reference changes to job title or salary.

We look forward to using the service and all it has to offer in the coming year.

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