How Secure Is Your Data

  • Cloud Based
  • Accredited ISO / IEC 27018:2014
  • Region or Geo stored data
  • Secure disposal of information
  • Encryption capabilities up to AES-256

Want to Know a Little More?

Azure is fully compliant with privacy laws in the UK & EU, and in fact was the first major cloud provider to adopt the international code of practice for cloud privacy - ISO/IEC 27018.

The geographic location of our customer data is very important, and to that end, Microsoft helps us with this by maintaining an ever-expanding network of cloud-scale datacenters in locations around the globe.

Our customer data is held in the appropriate location, known as a Region or Geo, but thanks to the breadth of Microsoft’s network, Azure allows you to access it anywhere - letting you take BrightHR with you, wherever you go.

Feeling Better?

Our secure cloud storage is just one of many excellent features

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