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Managing Outlook calendars, folders and spreadsheets was fragmented.

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We spoke with Katherine Rice, Head of Business Administration at Mattinson Partnership, about their experience with BrightHR.

The challenge

"Managing Outlook calendars, folders and spreadsheets was fragmented."

“When I joined the company there was a staff of around 14 people, and all absences were managed using Outlook calendars, folders and spreadsheets,” says Mattinson Partnership’s Katherine Rice, when discussing the reasons for seeking out absence management software. The business found the whole process counter-intuitive and fragmented, especially as they began to expand. As Katherine adds: "As we began to grow, the importance of centrally-held and centrally-managed HR records became more and more apparent. That’s when I started looking for a solution."

“Managing absence is important to us for a variety of reasons. As a smaller organisation the implications of staff absence can be huge. It’s important that we are able to track the cost implications of staff taking time off, and identify any patterns should they emerge.”

“Being able to address HR issues prior to them becoming problematic protects our organisation from the risk of potentially costly people management oversights.”

The solution

"BrightHR has helped us to centralise all of our data, where it can then be used to make business decisions."

After looking at a number of HR software providers, Katherine said Mattinson decided on BrightHR because: “the size and requirements of our organisation made many of the competitors prohibitive due to their cost or functionality.”

Discussing the difference BrightHR has made, Katherine says: “Being able to see when staff members are absent makes booking team training a breeze. It's already saving our administrators time because they no longer have to answer queries about how much holiday staff members have remaining, or run manual reports on how much absence a member of staff has taken. The whole process has been streamlined, making holidays and sickness much easier to manage.”

“The self-service element of BrightHR has also allowed us to make our employees accountable for their own holiday and sickness management, which in turn helps us to manage absence and reduce our administration. Furthermore, the fact that it’s so user friendly and fun helps staff to engage with it, and the animated profile GIFs have been a big hit with our teams.”

At Bright we’re aware that HR software can often be perceived as dull and monotonous. So when we built our product we set out to create something that people actually like to use, and we’re proud that this is something our customers regularly compliment us on.

“It's refreshing to find software which celebrates the nature of people. It’s unique!”

We also try to keep things simple, something not lost on Katherine: “I enjoy the fact that BrightHR pretty much sold itself. The team simply guided us through the setup.”

Whilst many businesses choose BrightHR as their absence management solution, Mattinson Partnership also benefits from using our employment law telephone advice service BrightAdvice, with Katherine saying: “BrightAdvice has helped us to navigate staff absence issues in a way that is mutually satisfactory to both the staff and the company. It’s great to know we have this service on hand when we need it most.”


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BrightHR has helped us to centralise all of our data, where it can then be used to make business decisions.