Book & approve holidays

The nightmare of holiday request forms is officially a thing of the past, yay!

Bring back the excitement of booking holidays to your business. Your employees don’t need to worry and waste time when attempting to book time off. The calendar view gives managers all the information they need to make a decision instantly, making the whole process quicker and altogether less stressful, allowing your business to run smoothly while your team are recharging their batteries.

Track lateness & log sickness

Sometimes life gets in the way of work so make sure your business is firing on all cylinders.

Lateness, sickness and long-term absence from work is challenging so our hr management system notifies managers instantly, enabling you to quickly organise relief staff and view absence patterns. This means you can pro-actively manage absence and support your team when it needs you the most, helping employees get back to work quicker and reducing the likelihood of future absences.

Get an instant overview

Find out whats happening in seconds.

The Dashboard is the first thing you’ll see when you log in each day. It’s a colourful hub of essential information that helps everyone understand what’s going on. From here, users can view personal information, check notifications and get easy access to the rest of BrightHR’s HR software features. Administrators and managers can view employee requests and updates here, giving an overview of the business at a glance.

Employee hub

All your employees' details in one secure place - sorted!

The Employee Hub stores all of your employees’ data and enables you to create and manage teams in one place. It’s intuitively designed so you can quickly search for things like employee contact details and update terms of employment. This means you’ll always have up-to-date, accurate information to hand as the system notifies you of things like upcoming probation end dates, anniversaries and even employees’ birthdays! It's the perfect employee management software that you can access on the go!

Create customised reports

Enlightening, in-depth reports to help you understand your team better.

Utilising our HR reporting system gives you the opportunity to see exactly how your team members operate, helping you to understand, reward and monitor them more effectively. It enables you to analyse specific data so you can spot behavioural patterns, understand the cost of absences, track the potential of your employees and make improvements to your work environment.

Secure document storage

Important documents, conveniently located and securely stored.

Helping you to maintain an organised and relevant set of documents, our secure storage area not only keeps employee documents safe, it allows team members to access things like the employee handbook at the click of a button. Space is unlimited and it’s based in the cloud, so it’s ultra secure and conveniently allows you to access documents wherever you happen to be.

Stay connected

Manage yourself on the move, anytime, anywhere

We understand you can’t always be at your desk, so we have created easy to use apps for both Android and iOS. They allow you to manage and book absences on the go, contact your colleagues and update your personal information. Every move you make is instantly mirrored across all devices, so records are always up to date.

Need employment law advice?
We do that too

Employment law issues can be intimidating and the consequences of getting it wrong are enough to give anyone sleepless nights. Good news! Our UK-based experts at BrightGuru are just a phone call away, offering employment law advice to give you peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions and helping you protect your business.

BrightGuru’s confidential advice line is available Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm and is free to BrightHR customers. So stop worrying and get some sleep!
"I've already delegated a lot of my work to BrightHR."

I know I don't have to chase for paperwork anymore as I know our records are being kept securely online. With my extra capacity i'm busy creating plans to encourage employee engagement at Sparks.

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