Promote wellbeing

Smart businesses encourage their employees to rest and unwind, just as much as they encourage hard work.

The value of time off cannot be underestimated, keeping high-stress levels, chronic fatigue and the perils of burnout at bay. It’s not exactly rocket science; people are every company’s most valuable asset, so it pays to keep them feeling fighting fit and healthy in the long run.

Calculate holiday entitlement

Booking holidays should be a joyous occasion and cause for celebration – BrightHR’s holiday management software makes it so.

Managers can create and edit working time patterns for each employee, record holiday allowances and stay up to speed with upcoming absences. Our HR system is nifty enough to calculate holiday entitlement for all your staff, whether they are full-time, part-time or even a variable hours employee.

Employees are given a clear display of their annual leave balance, which automatically updates in real time when their request is approved and scheduled – this makes it as easy possible for each person to track how many days they have left to take.

Record annual leave, sickness and lateness

To avoid any potential clashes, our interactive HR system software calendar view allows managers to see who else has booked time off before approving a holiday request.

The employee holiday management hub is designed so businesses can make quick and informed decisions about team staffing needs. It also gives managers peace of mind to know that they are in full control of their resources, meaning that the business can plan ahead and run smoothly all year round.

Receive instant notifications

Get instant alerts as soon as an employee files a new holiday request, see all the key information and whether there’s any overlap with other members of staff who have already booked time off.

Don’t forget, BrightHR has it's very own HR software app available on android and IOS, so these instant notifications can be pinged straight to your pocket. Once all team members are registered, nothing can slip through the net.

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