Keep costs down

Employee absence is estimated to cost UK employers a whopping £11 billion every year – which works out to about £600 per employee.

This makes proactive HR management a must for any business looking to keep their cost of employee absence down. With BrightHR’s absence management software, there’s no need to have an in-depth understanding of employment law and HR regulations in order to track absenteeism, lateness and sickness, or to handle the wider impact all of these factors is having on day to day business.

Instant notifications

Managers and supervisors are given the HR management information they need to understand the circumstances of employee sickness absence and identify any longer term issues at an early stage. This makes it possible to organise cover quickly and keep everything running as usual.

Keep records secure

BrightHR’s employee attendance HR software logs all employee data into a secure file of personal records, so it’s easier for businesses to recognise where wellbeing support is needed for both individuals and teams – and help employees get back to work quicker.

This data is ready to digest at any time thanks to our intuitive reporting function, which takes the hassle out of measuring and monitoring all types of absence.

Manage issues

While alarm clocks do pack in from time to time, chronic lateness is a different kettle of fish altogether and often proves to be a serious drain on productivity in the long run if left unchecked.

BrightHR's employee absence management software allows businesses to stay on top of punctuality and helps set a clear policy around the issue, as well as flagging up any recurring problems and reinforcing expectations for all employees.

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