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We live in an age where data and information is frequently synced and transferred across a number of different devices on a daily basis.

For businesses, the need to have instant access to secure data storage from anywhere in the world has never been greater – and that’s where the HR system cloud comes in.

Welcome to the cloud

In a nutshell, the cloud is the method of choice for modern businesses looking to store a shared pool of resources in a centralised location.

It removes the need for pricey additional servers, external hard drives and USBs, giving you unlimited space to store all company data in one place whilst ensuring scalability in the long term. Cloud-based storage also makes it far easier to backup and restore important HR management information that may otherwise get lost along the way… it happens, we know.

Anytime, anywhere

BrightHR is a fully cloud-integrated HR management system, so businesses can use the document storage function to get instant access to their shared files and folders at any time, in any place with an internet connection.

Not only does it transfer data between devices, cloud storage also enables greater collaboration between staff. Set permissions so that teams can easily access and work together on up-to-date versions of the files they need, even if they are at opposite ends of the country.

Fast & secure

Sharing weblinks to files instead of emailing documents and spreadsheets back and forth means that our HR system's document storage area is great for saving local hard drive space and doesn’t eat into your company bandwidth.

This makes the BrightHR employee management system a faster and more secure way for businesses to share and backup their resources.

You’ll soon start to wonder how you ever managed without it.

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