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November - 2017

Short term sickness - the issue of pay

Are your employees avoiding taking sick leave due to the financial penalties?

The month your staff get sick

Is there one killer month?

October - 2017

How managing your staff will be affected by GDPR

You need to know about the incoming effects of GDPR

Working with The Health Insurance Group

Cost-effective healthcare solutions are not to be turned away

The 10 stages of the conference call

It’s no wonder not many people like them.

How much time are you wasting at work?

The answer is probably yes

September - 2017

The Ryanair holiday “mess up” - what businesses need to learn

Get your pad and pen at the ready

Getting ready for GDPR

GDPR regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. But how will the new rules impact small businesses and the way they manage their people?

Employment tribunals - how to keep your business protected

Following changes to employment tribunal fees, we take a look at how small businesses can protect themselves.

Employment tribunal fees - the changes you need to know about

We give you the lowdown on what the employment tribunal fee changes mean and how small businesses can better protect themselves.