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September - 2017

Why work so hard, work smart instead

It instantly sounds more appealing, right?

Understanding your ongoing auto enrolment duties as an employer

It's just beginning.

August - 2017

Planning ahead for GDPR

GDPR regulations come into force on 25 May 2018. But how will the new rules impact small businesses and the way they manage their people?

Employment tribunals - keep your business protected

Following changes to employment tribunal fees, we take a look at how small businesses can protect themselves.

How managing your people will be affected by GDPR

And what you can do

Employment tribunals - keeping your business protected

Tribunals fees are gone. BrightHR knows how you can ensure your business is protected with watertight policies on equal opportunities, absences, grievances, and more

Employment tribunal fees - what you need to know

We give you the lowdown on what the employment tribunal fee changes mean for small businesses.

Employment tribunal fees - the changes

We explain what the employment tribunal fee changes mean and how small businesses can better protect themselves.

BrightHR’s Alexa Integration: Lessons learnt building an Alexa Skill

How did we go about creating our Alexa skill? We asked our Head of Innovation, Dave Sellars, to share his thoughts on the process.

Why are you working so hard? Is it time to start working lazy?

We think it's time.