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June - 2017

How to improve creative thinking by working lazy

The new way to work

How to stop overcomplicating things at work

It starts with you.

The technology you need to help you work lazy

Here's ten of the best

What impact does the auto enrolment charge cap have on business?

Let's talk about pensions

Getting the best from human and software systems

Having the most up-to-date software doesn't guarantee success. That's where you come in.

BrightHR gets a Nip-Tuck

We're looking Brighter than ever

Bright Sparks with Roger Longden, ​There Be Giants

Roger Longden, founder of business management consultancy There Be Giants, discusses his approach to people management, technology and the future world of work.

Men's Health Week - what can employers do to help?

Did you know that 1 in 5 men die before the age of 65? Pretty worrying statistics. To celebrate Men’s Health week we ask what employers can be doing to help.

May - 2017

5 software solutions for SMEs

What systems should your small business be using?

Supporting your staff with Bright EAP

Bright EAP offers you and your employees access to help and support from trained counsellors 24 hours a day.