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Staff absence infographic 2019

Our brand new infographic is here—hot off the press! To discover how your staff took time off in 2019, head inside.

October 2016

Give ‘em a break - encouraging employees to take time off

Should you be encouraging your employees to take time off work? Yes!

Is work-life out of balance?

Is your career a bigger part of your life than you wish it was?

The future of the workplace commute

There was a car stuck on the tram lines! My train was late!

September 2016

What is productivity anyway?

And you do need to care about it?

The future of jobs is 'Bright'

BrightHR discusses technology.

Shared parental leave

As an employer, it’s inevitable that you’ll develop a close friendship with employees. The news that one of them is about to become a parent will therefore be joyfully received in your organisation

Productivity Ninja comes to BrightHR

Transform your employees into productivity ninjas.

North West businesses most likely to attract talent and business

Manchester and Liverpool lead the way for UK cities willing to embrace workplace cultures of play and productivity. Embrace office fun and increase staff performance.

Preparing a small business to recruit new employees

Happy and productive employees are critical to business success. Read BrightHR's guide on how to select the right talent to kickstart your small business.

August 2016

Unified Collaboration is the future, but it doesn't have to be fancy

In fact, you already have the tools you need.