Introducing BrightHealth: Your new and improved EAP

BrightEAP’s makeover is more than just a name change. Discover how it gives your staff even better support through life’s challenges.

BrightHR Team

You know BrightEAP? The employee assistance programme that supports your staff in times of trouble? Well, we’ve given it a makeover.

We’ve renamed it BrightHealth. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? But don’t worry, it still comes with all the same great benefits—plus, a few more. Find out what’s new.

Brand new benefits

BrightHealth now offers face-to-face counselling for staff to work through their problems with a local, qualified expert in private. And that’s not all.

Your staff can also access online self-help tools including webinars, factsheets and mini health checks to put your people in control of their wellbeing.

Sound good? These new features help your staff to get the level of support they need. Whether that be a friendly listening ear over the phone or someone to work through their issues with face-to-face.

Not a customer? Discover how to improve staff wellbeing and boost productivity with BrightHealth.