Productivity Ninja comes to BrightHR

Transform your employees into productivity ninjas.

David Quinn: BrightHR Social Media Manager

It can be challenging to get the balance right, while also focusing on growth and productivity. It’s not easy.

That’s why we’ve teamed up with Graham Allcott, author of ‘How to be a Productivity Ninja’, to bring you insights into how you can juggle the demands of your workplace and inspire your staff to bring their best everyday. Even small teams with little or no budget for special programmes or staff perks can learn something from taking a fresh look at employee engagement.

Here at BrightHR, we’re proud of our below average absenteeism and attrition rates, meaning we know the benefits of positive employee engagement. A culture that inspires a sense of fun, belonging and trust can help reduce lateness, sickness and stress.

Our latest report, ‘Play and productivity’, offers insights, tips and guidance from us at BrightHR and the ‘Productivity Ninja’ to help bring fun and profitability to your workplace.

With research taken from our recent survey of 2000 SME business owners, as well as Graham’s own experiences, we look at how play and work go hand in hand. And how today’s businesses need to consider the positive effect that play in the workplace can have on productivity and business growth.

Find out:

  • Why play is important to your business
  • How a multi-generation workforce may impact productivity
  • The causes of poor productivity and how to tackle it
  • How to nurture a fun, engaging workspace based on trust
  • The link between productivity, engagement and your bottom line

As Graham says, "It’s time to re-educate ourselves. To unhook ourselves from the limiting belief that fun has no place in the office, or is counter-productive. It’s time to embrace the stress-busting, creativity-enhancing, conflict-reducing, morale-boosting, sickness-day-busting power of fun."