Working with The Health Insurance Group

Cost-effective healthcare solutions are not to be turned away

BrightHR Team

At BrightHR we understand the importance of people to a business, as without the hard work and dedication of your employees your business can only go so far. Salaries might be your business' biggest expense but it’s easy to forget your team is also your biggest asset.

If you’ve ever had an issue with members of your team taking time off for work-related stress, depression or anxiety you’re not the only one. In Great Britain, almost 12 million days were lost to stress, depression, and anxiety in 2015/2016. So, for any business employee wellbeing should be paramount.

However, it’s surprising to learn that over 60% of businesses don’t have a wellbeing strategy in place for their staff.

This is why we've partnered with The Health Insurance Group, to provide fast, comprehensive and cost-effective healthcare solutions, to take the worry and stress out of your annual health care renewal process.

Meeting the health and wellbeing needs of staff can be extremely time-consuming and the Health Insurance Group's experts can do the hard work for you. They'll work with you to look at your entire suite of benefits, helping you choose the options that best suit the needs of your business.

When discussing the role of well-being in business strategy, Brett Hill, Managing Director of The Health Insurance Group said: “Greater emphasis has been placed on wellbeing and mental health in the workplace over the past decade. Mental health problems and stress are now responsible for more than 24 working days lost per case, making it one of the leading causes of absence in the workplace.

“It is vital that employers ensure that they have an effective health and wellbeing strategy in place, particularly to handle issues such as mental health problems. This needs to be tackled in a sensitive way as a mental health condition can be classed as a disability if it has a considerable and lasting effect on a person’s capabilities in terms of carrying out day to day activities. It is imperative that employers understand their responsibilities in such cases, so they can provide employees with the support they need, help their managers to handle such situations sensitively and appropriately, and avoid the potential liabilities that can arise from a business getting things wrong in such situations.”

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