Do you have the systems for business success?

Having the correct systems in place can bring with it a host of benefits to your business. And you should see systems as one piece of the admin puzzle.

David Quinn: BrightHR Social Media Manager

You’ve probably heard the saying that a company is only as good as its people. And it’s true that without talented, committed and hardworking staff there’s only so much a business owner can achieve. But as a company grows, and more staff are taken on, the greater the demands that are placed on an employer's time.

Even simple tasks such as updating the employee directory, tracking performance reviews, and recording leave and sickness can become time-consuming. Which means looking after staff may start to take a backseat to business needs.

Like with good people, success also rests on good data - specifically access to accurate and relevant data, whether it’s sales and marketing, manufacturing processes or human resource records. Gone are the days of paper-based data, with endless form-filling and mountains of documents. However, using multiple spreadsheets and a mishmash of systems can be time-consuming and confusing too.

Technological advancements have solved many of these issues. Cloud-based systems mean employee files can be stored, updated and accessed anywhere. Simplified data collection can be converted easily into actions. And communication systems can bring internal efficiencies and flexible working. What’s more, these new technological systems speed up processes, eliminate errors and boost productivity - directly benefiting a company's bottom line.

Some business owners may argue their systems are adequate and question the benefit of switching. But companies who stick to the old methods risk being left behind as their competitors reap the rewards of transformative, new age systems. Furthermore, employees - Millennials in particular - expect to use modern, efficient systems. So if a company fails to adapt it may struggle to attract the best employees and risk losing talent.

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