Management Talk

May - 2016

You are what you wear - Is it time for a rethink regarding office dress codes?

Does the phrase "you are what you wear" hold any truth?

Top Tips to Keep Remote Workers Engaged & Connected

Make sure your energy meter is full

April - 2016

Decisions, Decisions: Choosing the right HR system for your business

Choose the right HR system for your business with BrightHR's detailed guide. Understand your HR needs, trial a demo, and ensure your investment is tailored to your company

February - 2016

Does Valentines Day have to be a headache for HR?

How should you ensure that your policies and your staff are respected on a day of love.

Working with the Chinese

Let's talk about interaction...

January - 2016

How Your Business Can Be More Innovative

Nobody ever asks for less creativity.

November - 2015

HR trends 2016

What's the lowdown?