These rota mistakes are harming your business (find out what you’re doing wrong)…

Even the smallest misstep can have a big impact on your business and your people. Discover the common mistakes you’re making…

BrightHR Team

Admit it. You hate making rotas.

It’s okay, we get it. They take up too much of your time and steal your focus away from your business.

But it doesn’t help that you use scraps of paper or malfunctioning spreadsheets to plan them out—you’re more likely to make mistakes that way.

And even the smallest slip up can have a big impact on your business and your people. Discover the common rota mistakes you’re making and how you can fix them. 

  1. Forgetting to inform absent staff

It’s important that all your staff have access to your rota. And while you might think that printing it off and hanging it up at work is good enough, spare a thought for your absent staff.

They won’t be around to see the new rota. And if you forget to call them or send a quick text, they’ll be a no-show. That’s not only inconvenient, but it has a big impact on your wallet too…

The average cost of an employee’s absence is €610 per year, so you could lose out on thousands if you leave absent employees in the dark about upcoming shifts.

  1. Failing to give staff enough notice

 We all know that stomach churning feeling when you’ve forgotten to do something. And it’s even more worrying when it’s your rota.

If you do manage to put one together at the last minute, you need to give staff enough notice of their shift starting. They might have childcare to sort out or a second job to reschedule.

And if your staff can’t get out of these commitments, they might not come in at all. As a result, they’ll lose out on a day’s wage and you’ll be left to find urgent cover.

  1. Not communicating schedule changes clearly

 Your days are always jam-packed. You’ve got rotas to plan, holidays to approve and sick forms to fill out. So understandably, telling staff about changes to your rota can fall to the bottom of your list.

Even if you do remember to tell staff, you can’t be certain that they’ll see your text message, voicemail or email in time. And that could mean the person you were banking on to cover someone’s shift doesn’t turn up.  

But there is a way to guarantee that staff always know about shift changes, and it’s BrightHR…

Make rota planning easier

BrightHR gives you a smarter way to plan shifts. Create rotas in seconds and instantly share them with your staff using the free mobile app. And if you need to make changes to a rota, no problem.

Your staff get automatic notifications whenever you edit a shift or add someone to a new rota, so you can be confident your people always know where they need to be.  

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