How to harness the power of social media for HR

Use it well.

Social Media in HR

Do you ever wonder how we got through life before social media came onto the scene?

Face to face human interaction to start and end the day now seems over-rated, and maybe just too much like hard work. Why bother waiting to say hello to people when you see them when you can simply say: good morning #smileyface or share a witty anecdote to the entire social-sphere with just a swipe and a few clicks.

Admit it, that tingle in your belly when people start to like, share and reply makes it all the more addictive. This supports the ever growing need for people to share every little detail of their life too, more often than not, with complete strangers.

Social Media is everywhere and there is no getting away from it - but why would we want to when it has completely re-invented the way we live, work, shop, socialise and most importantly do business.

Social media is, quite possibly, the most powerful tool in your business arsenal. It helps companies to succeed. If you haven’t already realised that then it’s time to up your game and jump on the social bus.

The three key areas where social media can play a huge part in the success of your business are:


A cut-throat part of business. The best candidates for your new role are often snapped up before they even come across your ads. This makes life that much more difficult when you have targets to meet and roles to fill.

Enter social media. This will get your message in front of potential candidates much quicker, and with a more engaging message.

Before you rejoice and start madly posting roles on Facebook think on...

As a relatively new channel for the industry it is imperative that you carry out in-depth research before beginning to try and recruit via social media. Think carefully about:

  • What the costs are going to be?
  • What networks do you want to post roles on?
  • Where are your target market hanging-out online?
  • Can you reach them there?

Most importantly you must consider:

  • Do you have the capacity to run social recruitment campaigns?

Social media is a 24/7 job in itself, people expect a fast response to their initial interaction especially when it is about a potential new career.

HR Magazine recently shared their thoughts on getting social media recruitment right. It’s worth a read before you get started.

Employee Engagement

Once you have that perfect candidate on-board you want to make sure that you keep them. While many businesses are keen to adopt social profiles to raise brand awareness and to win and retain customers their social ‘face’ is for the outside world only, internally there is a ban on anything social.

If used well then social media in the workplace can improve communication, collaboration and allow employees to be heard.

Platforms such as Yammer, Jive, Chatter and, of course, Facebook at Work, allow businesses to retain some control of social activity while allowing employees to engage.

The next generation of talent are a naturally social bunch. Businesses need to recognise and harness this - and not be so scared of the bad things that could happen.

Employee Advocacy

With the integration of social media and business comes the blurring of the line between personal and professional, employer and employees. An employee’s social account is all about their personal brand. While they are busy building that, they are also promoting the company they work for too; one thing informs the other.

If you create a great company culture — through the office environment and employee engagement, for example — your workforce are going to share their experiences on their personal accounts. This is great for the brand and also provides a really honest reflection of the company.
A hundred blog posts written by a business about a their culture and how great it is to work there will never have the same, authentic, feel as a post from an employee who has shared their latest office antics from their own Twitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

Not only will this maximise exposure for a company but it makes them look great too!

The moral of the story is don’t be scared of social, it’s here to stay and businesses need to embrace it. Create a positive workplace, go social and reap the rewards of engaging your employees. They will share your brilliant brand with the world.