HR document storage

Ditch the filing cabinets and bin the ancient hard drives

  • Unlimited HR document storage space—guaranteed.
  • Secure cloud based software, so your confidential information is safe.
  • Use it wherever you are with the free iOS or Android app.
  • No more searching high and low for files. Find anything in seconds.

Your staff documents in one place

Use the modern way to store documents with BrightHR. Its vibrant and easy-to-use hub makes uploading, storing and viewing staff documents a doddle.

  • Update someone’s salary or check the company handbook in seconds—you don’t even have to leave your seat.
  • Set up staff so they can update their own unrestricted personal info—when they move to a new address, for instance.
  • Get instant notifications for important dates. So when someone reaches the end of their probation or it’s time to renew an employee’s driving licence, you know about it.

Safe cloud storage to protect your business

Your business’s confidential information is precious… so there are people out there who want it. Good news: BrightHR takes care of it.

As well as offering you endless storage space, with BrightHR you can:

  • Add as much or as little sensitive information as you need and be confident it’s secure in the cloud.
  • Set permission levels so that different staff can view or edit certain details. After all, you wouldn’t want a junior employee to see your salary.

A complete filing system in your pocket

Introduce your business to 21st century document storage and work on the go with the free BrightHR iOS and Android app.

  • Save time and scan in sick notes using your phone’s camera.
  • Enter, edit or delete information without having to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Get push notifications so you never miss an employee milestone—even if you aren’t in work.

Get a free demo today to see how BrightHR transforms your document storage