Holiday Management

The easy to use staff holiday planner & booking system

Keep your staff in the loop and avoid clashes with simplified leave management

  • Save time with automatic holiday calculations
  • Instantly flag holiday clashes
  • Peace of mind you’re following statutory laws
  • Keep updated on-the-go with our easy-to-use app
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Make your staff holiday management a breeze

Paper request forms and spreadsheets are a thing of the past! Arguments over who called first to book a holiday never need to be dealt with again. Our award-winning staff leave planner is the most straightforward and super-streamlined holiday management tool that works for any business.

  • Keep it simple with a single view of your entire team’s schedule
  • Remove conflict with instant notifications of holiday clashes
  • Approve or deny holidays with a click of a button
  • Erase the hassle of paperwork and excel sheets with a digitalised calendar.
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Get accurate holiday calculations at the click of a button

Did you know that most workers are legally entitled to 4 weeks’ paid holiday a year? And it’s your responsibility to ensure your staff take them?! Stay compliant with holiday allowances thanks to a system that calculates leave entitlements and statuses for you.

  • Have peace of mind with a system that does the maths for you keeping you in line with the law
  • Stay up-to-date on all staff allowances no matter if a new starter, entitlement change or change in pattern
  • Save time at the start of the year with a system that auto-refreshes
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Your staff holiday booking system in four simple steps:

Using our employee holiday tracker is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Your staff use BrightHR to add a new holiday request and submit it at the click of a button
  • Then you, the employer, gets an instant notification of the new holiday request
  • BrightHR flags any holiday clashes, to help you avoid being understaffed
  • And you can approve or decline the holiday request on the go
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What our customers say about BrightHR

Using BrightHR makes us much more organised and centralises our processes, making it quicker for us to manage sickness and holidays.

Nottingham Credit Union

What our customers say about BrightHR

BrightHR is a user-friendly system and the team are on hand to answer any questions we ever have. I would highly recommend BrightHR.

Deborah Gillespie @ Change, Recruitment Group

What our customers say about BrightHR

Our staff absolutely love using the system and the ease of booking holidays and clocking in using Blip. Customer service is amazing...

Steven Greenall @ Cornerstone Children’s Home

What our customers say about BrightHR

Approve holiday requests from wherever you are using our on-the-go BrightHR app

Never miss a holiday request thanks to the BrightHR alert system that notifies you of every request that comes in.

  • Save time by accepting or declining holiday requests on the go with the BrightHR app
  • Say goodbye to long-winded approval processes and replace them with the click of a button
  • Get instant notifications of holiday requests to approve/decline in seconds
  • Boost your employee happiness with a system that’s as easy for them as it is for you
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See BrightHR’s holiday management software in action

Can’t believe how easy we make holiday management sound?

See our holiday planner in action with our quick video demo. Or enjoy a personalised tour run by our friendly software specialists by booking your demo today!

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Discover what more BrightHR has to offer

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Q. Do I need to buy each BrightHR feature I want separately?

Not at all. Book a demo with one of our friendly experts to discuss your business needs and get a people management solution that ticks all your boxes.

Our packages span everything from HR software including a staff time-tracker app and shift management to a health & safety package including expert health & safety advice and a learning management system that helps you manage risks. You can see more about our software packages through our pricing journey.

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