Transforming people management

Did you know that over the year, the average business will:

  • Spend 31 hours processing over 270 absence type requests
  • Lose another 14 hours to managing 120 overtime requests
  • Have to manually request staff to work 320 additional hours across 40 open shifts
  • Require 150 HR documents, from job ads and policies, to tax guides and employee handbooks
  • Use 14 custom reports or spreadsheets to manage their HR and payroll
  • Need an average of nine risk assessment documents over a 12-month period (from 600+ potential risks)
  • Submit at least one hazard, accident or near miss report

The value ad & return you get from brighthr

How could this look for your business?

Cost for timekeeping Tool160.77
Cost for document storage1,255.80
Cost for expenses426.42
Cost of recording staff lateness & absence1,053.47
Cost of recording overtime468.21
Cost of HR documentation and specialist (policies, guides)43,268.00
Cost of accidents in your business6,000.00
Cost to advertise your products/services14,912.24
Annual cost of BrightHR's service1,740.00
Return on your investments38.82 for every €1 spent