A guide to BrightHR's app for rotas


Download the work rota app to your desktop

With BrightHR, you don’t need to visit the website every time – just open your desktop planner and you’re good to go.

You’ll see the homepage keeps a record of all your rotas – ‘active’, ‘older’, ‘future’, and any in progress. So you can manage everything all in one place.


Follow these simple steps:

  • Click the ‘Create a new rota’ button
  • Type in your rota name, e.g. ‘Café Staff October Week 1’
  • Select your start date
  • Click ‘Continue’ and the app will bring up a list of seven days
  • Add staff members to the days and times they’ll be working
The easiest way to get your rota planning right

Add extra notes

We know not everything fits into a nice neat category. Which is why you can also ‘Add a note’ to any of your staff’s shifts.

Perhaps you have an important visitor, or you’re expecting a delivery, or there’s a list of jobs you need to tick off on a particular day. Add a note and all your staff can see it.


Share it to your employee’s mobile apps

Once you’ve added all these details, click the pink ‘Publish’ button. The rota goes straight to your employees’ mobile apps and notifies them in an instant.

There’s also an option to print, so you can put a copy on the wall in your workplace, too.

Be confident staff know where to be and when

Let’s do it. There’s no wait, no charge, and no catch. Just click the button below and get your free demo of the BrightHR staff rota app today.

Don’t forget, if you’re a BrightHR client then our shifts & rota software is already included as part of your package. If not, try our shift rota app for free and we’ll get you on board.