BrightHR vs Adare

You need an HR system that can keep up with your business.

In the fast-paced business landscape, see why BrightHR is the only option for businesses that need a people management solution that evolves as your business grows.

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How do BrightHR & Adare Compare?

24/7 HR, employment law, and health & safety advice
HR software and unlimited cloud storage
Library of HR guides and templates
CPD-accredited e-learning courses
Free online marketplace with unlimited business advertising and employee perks
Employee recognition platform
Custom reporting

The 100,000+ global businesses that chose BrightHR over other providers

Why customers choose BrightHR over Adare

Don’t waste a second on uncertainty with a responsive HR AI platform.

BrightLightning is a modern approach to a question-and-answer tool, to help you get clear and reliable HR and health & safety answers without any solicitor fees.

  • FREE expert advice, as quick as a flash
  • Powered by over 11,000+ questions answered by experienced advisers
  • The first of its kind in HR and health & safety A.I.

Why customers choose BrightHR over other providers?

Our cutting-edge HR and health & safety search engine powered by A.I. provides lightning-fast responses to complicated HR and health & safety inquiries, completely free of charge.

With over 50 seasoned advisors on board, boasting more than 50 years of experience advising businesses on employment law and health & safety issues, we guarantee expert support. And since launch, more than 300,000 queries have been answered.

BrightHR does it all

With everything you need to manage your staff in one place, BrightHR saves you time and money, while helping you grow.

  • End-to-end services helping you manage your employees from the second they join you
  • Compliance support with employment relations advice for EVERY industry
  • Time-saving HR tools that transform every aspect of your people management
  • Free value-add tools that help your business grow and become the employer of choice
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