“We have one clear picture of who’s available
to work, and who’s going to work.”

Sascha Blythe, Branch Manager - Ziferblat

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Free Guide
Planning for unplanned absence

The latest of our free BrightHR Guides offers support on how to monitor, manage and reduce sickness absence in the workplace.

Case study

Read how multi-site coffee shop Ziferblat is using BrightHR for a single, accurate overview of who’s in and out of work - for all managers and staff.

Online info hub

Our searchable online hub offers advice and guidance on a range of HR themes - from hiring and absence, to office culture and employee conduct.

Bright Advice
Employment law advice

Providing clear, confidential employment law advice, the Bright Advice telephone line is available to all BrightHR customers. Give us a call today.