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Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Spring Budget 2023, Neurodiversity Celebration Week and…

The Chancellor’s Spring Budget Statement has landed for 2023. Read HR Heartbeat for key employer-impacting takeaways. Plus, loads more of the week’s latest trends…

Thursday, Mar 16, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Supporting women in the workplace and facing down the ‘Sunday scaries’

Read this week’s HR Heartbeat for the top employment trends. Learn this year’s IWD theme and get advice to stop the ‘Sunday scaries’ from spooking your staff.

Thursday, Mar 09, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Results of 4-day working week trials, rise in thieving staff and…

Read this week’s HR Heartbeat to find out why so many businesses are extending the 4-day working week. And what to do if you catch your staff stealing.

Thursday, Mar 02, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: New dates for train strikes, the employer’s way to keep the doctor away, and…

Read this week’s top HR headlines to find out why the Government is thinking of asking GPs for fewer sick notes, and which major country is giving staff menstrual leave. Plus, get the latest rail strike dates for your diary.

Thursday, Feb 23, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Unfillable vacancies, rising pay, and workplace taboos

A new CIPD report on pay, vacancies that won’t budge, and the Valentine’s Day fallout. Read this week’s top HR headlines for the latest insights, plus free advice on common employee grievances.

Tuesday, Feb 14, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Discover three employer-impacting laws, the reason your team are pulling a sickie this week and…

Staff call in sick this week? Read HR Heartbeat to find out how to deal with employee attendance on the worst day of the year for staff illness. Plus, get valuable insight on upcoming employment laws.

Thursday, Feb 09, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Fire-rehire, menopause, and interview stage secrets

Read this week’s HR headlines for new suggestions for fire-rehire conduct, the verdict on menopause, and find out what the people you interview aren’t telling you…

Thursday, Feb 02, 2023

Industry news

How small businesses can hire BIG talent

Tech giants make huge staff cuts. Find out how small businesses can attract talent in a candidate-heavy, skill-short market.

Friday, Jan 27, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Easter bank holiday, Harpur Trust judgement and…

From changes to holiday entitlements to the final call on two new parliamentary Bills, these are the must hear headlines.

Tuesday, Jan 24, 2023

Industry news

HR Heartbeat: Teachers strike, calls to ban office cake, and new MOT rules under debate

What do teachers, cake, and new MOT rules all have in common? They're all featured in this week's top HR headlines!

Thursday, Jan 19, 2023

Industry news

Breaking: 2022 sees HR stress at record levels

In 2022, HR stress is at record levels, which is bad news for managers who juggle it alongside their business.

Monday, Feb 14, 2022

Industry news

UK Transition: Is your business ready for the new start?

The UK has left the EU, and the post-Brexit transition period comes to an end on 31st December 2020. Here’s how to prepare your business.

Monday, Oct 19, 2020

Industry news

Download your FREE Good Work Plan guide

New employment laws are landing this April. Find out what they are in our complimentary guide.

Thursday, Apr 02, 2020

Industry news

Sacked from Liz Earle: Pregnant worker awarded £17k by employment tribunal

Getting redundancy and maternity leave wrong can cost companies big money. Here’s how to avoid a hefty fine.

Monday, Jan 20, 2020

Industry news

Breaking: You must now record daily work hours after EU ruling

Find out how the European Court of Justice’s latest ruling affects your business.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Industry news

GDPR: What’s happened over the last year?

Revealed: The big businesses that got fined…

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Industry news

Download your free April employment law guide

April has seen changes made to the National Minimum Wage, pension contributions and payslips. Find out everything you need to know in our handy guide.

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019

Industry news

April payslip changes: Your FAQs answered

The way you issue payslips changes dramatically from 6th April. Read on to discover how.

Wednesday, Mar 27, 2019

Industry news

6 major employment law changes happening this April

April’s going to be a busy month for new employment laws. Here’s what’s changing…

Monday, Mar 25, 2019

Industry news

Time is running out to prepare for GDPR

The moment when GDPR lands is almost here. Are you ready for it?

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Industry news

5 employment law changes happening this April

We explain the biggest law changes happening this month and why you shouldn’t ignore them.

Friday, Apr 13, 2018

Industry news

Blame the snow for record employee lateness for 2017

Our absence management software data has revealed how extreme weather has a big impact on many commuters and their ability to make it in to work on time, with record staff lateness recorded after a cold spell!

Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017

Industry news

Not another Major Airline ‘Holiday Management’ Gone Wrong!

American Airlines holiday management crisis demonstrates why companies should always take holiday management & rotas seriously

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2017

Industry news

Sick pay and maternity pay increases ahead

Employer at an SME? Get ready to adjust your 2018 budgets and hike payments

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2017

Industry news

Uber loses employment tribunal appeal

Is it time for the other gig-economy employers to check their brakes?

Tuesday, Nov 14, 2017

Industry news

What businesses can learn from Ryanair's holiday calamity

Get your pad and pen at the ready

Wednesday, Sep 20, 2017

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