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Whether you manage shift workers at a shop or full-time staff at a large company, BrightHR saves you time, money and effort. No wonder it’s the most popular HR software and support service for SMEs.

Here’s how BrightHR helps you...

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BrightHR slashes admin time, speeds up everyday HR tasks, and transforms the way you run your business.

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Always know who’s in and who’s off

Need to know who’s in work today, even if you’re not actually in yourself? Just reach for the laptop or fire up the free BrightHR app and instantly see who’s off sick, who’s running late, and whether your staff holiday planner's up to date.

“Before BrightHR, we logged sicknesses in a small black book and used paper forms to book holidays. Now with this HR software we have greater visibility, reporting, and employees can manage their own holidays.” Peppermint Soda

Enjoy unlimited—yes, unlimited—document storage space

Keep your full set of staff records safe in your personal, cloud-based storage space. You can add as many documents as you like, making it the perfect HR software for SMEs.

“Everything’s in one place and secure. Our team are out at a lot of different family homes, but they can always access BrightHR through using the app. It’s very convenient.” Practically Family

Get instant HR advice in simple terms

Imagine how easy work would be if you could call a qualified, local specialist whenever you needed employment law advice? With BrightAdvice, you can. Plus, you get HR document templates to help you craft the perfect company policies to protect you.

"BrightAdvice has helped us to tackle staff absence issues in a way that benefits both our company and our staff. It’s great to know we have this service on hand when we need it most." Mattinson Partnership

Boost your team’s health & wellbeing

Want to know about the best way to get the most out of your people? Introducing BrightHealth, our employee assistance programme (EAP). It’s a confidential advice line and counselling service, offering compassionate support to help you and your team live happier, healthier lives.

Did you know? According to a study by Professor Sir Carey Cooper, CBE, an employee assistance programme like BrightHealth can help slash sick days and absences by as much as 45%.

Modernise your clocking system

Blip is a free mobile app for clocking in and out of work. Use it to pass the chore of logging attendances on to your team, and save time by tracking staff working hours when you’re on the go.

“With Blip, I can see who’s in work, on time, doing the right job. I’m confident I know that my people are earning the wages I pay them.” Surf & Turf Instant Shelters

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So what is HR software?

HR software is a human resources software solution that combines a number of systems and processes that help small and large businesses manage employees and their data.

You may have heard it called an HR system, an HRIS system, or HR management software. Some people even get techy and call it a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Capital Management (HCM) software.

At BrightHR, we keep it simple. Our HR software lets you manage employee data, absence, staff holidays, rotas and shifts, expenses and training, all in one secure and easy-to-use digital platform.

What is HR software

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