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Smart HR software that transforms the way you manage your people.

  • checkUse the back to work navigator to reopen your business quickly and safely.
  • checkComplete HR software that lets you approve staff holidays on the go, log sickness with ease, and plan staff rotas in seconds.
  • checkEnjoy unlimited document storage. Use it to securely store employee files and return to work docs.
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Reopen your business quickly and safely

Use the back to work navigator tool to meet new COVID-19 safety measures and get your staff back to work quickly.

  • checkAccess health & safety guides and templates to create COVID-19 risk assessments.
  • checkSet up staggered shifts and instantly notify your staff of rota changes with the free BrightHR mobile app.
  • checkEnjoy online training courses on how to manage health & safety post-lockdown.
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Manage staff holidays on the go

The easiest way to manage staff annual leave.

  • checkYour employee can request a holiday and you can sign it off in seconds—even if you’re both on the other side of the world.
  • checkUse the free iOS or Android app to get an instant notification of the request—wherever you are—and approve or decline it there and then.
  • checkWith 24/7 easy access to your holiday records, you always know who’s off and when.
  • checkGet push notifications to remind you to check how someone’s recovery is going, so you can prepare well in advance for when someone’s due back at work.
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Easily log lateness and sickness

Track your team’s attendance in a click.

  • checkRecord an absence with ease and instantly spot when someone takes more and more sick leave.
  • checkUse the free iOS or Android app—wherever you are—to arrange cover and update senior staff or managers.
  • checkScan fit notes, self-certification forms and hospital letters with your phone and save into your unlimited storage space.
  • checkGet push notifications to remind you to check how someone’s recovery is going, so you can prepare well in advance for when someone’s due back at work.
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Over 65,000 businesses across Ireland,the UK, Canada, Austrialia and New Zealand trust BrightHR with their people management.

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Track time off in lieu (TOIL or lieu bank)

The easy and stress-free way to manage your team’s TOIL.

  • checkLog the extra hours your employees work in a click.
  • checkGet automatic TOIL calculations and be confident they’re right.
  • checkLet your staff officially take the time off in lieu they’ve earned.
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Payroll report

Save time on your payroll admin with our easy-to-use reporting tool.

  • checkDownload it to support your payroll process.
  • checkGet an accurate view of staff absences to assist with wage calculations.
  • checkBe confident you’ve paid the right wages, every time.
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Modernise your rota planning

You can bin the paperwork and scrap the spreadsheets forever with BrightHR’s rota planner.

  • checkMake a single rota or several at once in record time, every time.
  • checkSave them in your unlimited cloud storage space.
  • checkShare with staff in an instant using the free app.
  • checkBe confident that your people always know where they need to be and when.
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Get unlimited online storage space

Ditch the filing cabinets and bin the ancient hard drives. Because BrightHR comes with enough space for all your HR docs.

  • checkUnlimited HR document storage space—guaranteed.
  • checkSecure cloud based software, so your confidential information is safe.
  • checkUse it wherever you are with the free iOS or Android app.
  • checkNo more searching high and low for files. Find anything in seconds.
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BrightHR’s essential software is included as standard in all our packages…

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