Hello. We are BrightHR

Like most, we love a good quote (hence the wise words of Peter F Drucker above). And like you, we want to get better at what we do for a living. Every day.

Now we all know this isn’t as simple as it sounds. Often we have a vision of what we want to achieve, and we know the truly important things we need to do to keep our customers happy and our business growing.

But behind each of these delightful customer experiences lies the people and the processes that make them possible.

They’re the solid launchpad, from which we can shoot for the stars.

One system, one launchpad

At BrightHR we’ve taken Mr Drucker’s rather smart observation a stretch further: if you have the right system in place to record, monitor and manage the info that’s critical for your business to function, you and your team are so much freer to focus on growing it.

That’s why our online and mobile app offers a single place to record, monitor and manage all of your people data - from sickness and holidays to rotas and shifts. One simple system, one great launchpad.

HR Provider of the year 2016

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