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December - 2017

Not another Major Airline ‘Holiday Management’ Gone Wrong!

American Airlines holiday management crisis demonstrates why companies should always take holiday management & rotas seriously

November - 2017

BREAKING: Sick pay & maternity pay increases ahead

Employer at an SME? Get ready to adjust your 2018 budgets and hike payments

Uber loses Employment Tribunal Appeal

Is it time for the other gig-economy employers to check their brakes?

Blue Monday - The most depressing day of the year (apparently)

Does anyone like Mondays? Not many. But is Blue Monday actually the most depressing working day of the year and what should businesses be aware of?

September - 2017

The Ryanair holiday “mess up” - what businesses need to learn

Get your pad and pen at the ready

June - 2017

What impact does the auto enrolment charge cap have on business?

Let's talk about pensions

December - 2016

Workplace trends to look out for in 2017

We make our 2017 workplace predictions...

September - 2016

North West businesses most likely to attract talent and business

Manchester and Liverpool lead the way for UK cities willing to embrace workplace cultures of play and productivity. Embrace office fun and increase staff performance.

July - 2016

Osborne says Brexit result caused by economically disenfranchised Northerners

Representatives from BrightHR attended a local event where the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, addressed Manchester businesses on post-Brexit strategies for the North.

June - 2016

After the people have spoken - what the leave vote means for employers

It's all over the country—the referendum results are in and the vote has been determined. As people gather to ask what happens next, there is a group of business owners who are wondering what they need to know about employment law, post-Brexit.