Sickness and Time Off

November - 2017

The month your staff get sick

Is there one killer month?

March - 2017

How to support staff on long-term sick leave whilst protecting your business

This is when you can show what kind of boss you are.

Looking to sort your staff sickness struggles?

Hear what the experts have to say...

February - 2017

How your business can prevent and manage short term staff absence

We have some tips for you.

January - 2017

National Sickie Day - Media myth or reality?

Is the first Monday in February really the day that most employees will call in sick?

September - 2016

Getting behind Shared Parental Leave

As an employer, it’s inevitable that you’ll develop a close friendship with employees. The news that one of them is about to become a parent will therefore be joyfully received in your organisation

May - 2016

7 reasons your employees are taking sick days and how you can stop it

Employee absence is estimated to cost UK employers a shocking £11 billion every year—about £600 per employee.

January - 2016

Why do employees get ill at home?

Over the last few days I've been i'll and perhaps annoyingly for me, I've felt more under-the-weather in the evenings, or as I like to put it, during my own time. But why?

Help your team handle Blue Monday

Turn those frowns upside down