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HR Heartbeat: R U OK? Day, bushfire warnings, and...

We’re diving into the new public holiday rules for Social and Community Services Award workers, how employers need to prepare for bushfire season, and a reminder from the High Court.

Friday, Sep 15, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Discrimination exceptions, closing loopholes, and...

This week we’re talking about playground rules, how this contract stopped an unfair dismissal, the possible changes coming to the Fair Work Act, and proactive backtracking.

Friday, Sep 08, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Full employment, not working from home, and...

This week’s HR Heartbeat gives you the definition of full employment, what the consequences of remote workers dropping the productivity ball are, and the mining labour shortage.

Friday, Sep 01, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: More wage increases, a very expensive deadline, and...

This week’s HR Heartbeat is full of cases that serve as a warning for employers everywhere. From an unfair dismissal case that was destined for the grave to a missed deadline.

Friday, Aug 18, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: Public holiday to celebrate the Matildas? Parental leave confusion, and...

Crack right into this week’s HR Heartbeat for the lowdown on the potential snap public holiday, updates on the 4-day working week trials, and why the thought doesn’t always count.

Friday, Aug 11, 2023

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HR Heartbeat: What is a casual worker, low unemployment rates, and...

Get right into our HR Heartbeat this week for a look into how unemployment rates affect SMEs, the changes that may be coming to casual employment, and why time needs to be on your side.

Friday, Aug 04, 2023

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